A wide range of learning opportunities

As a member of UNISON you have access to a wide range of learning opportunities.
The branch has a number of trained Union Learning Representatives
(You can find a list of Leeds UNISON Union Learning Representatives here.) who can be consulted about learning opportunities from UNISON or through Union Learn and otherlearning organisations. 

UNISON works with the WEA Learning Booklet(Workers Education Association) and the Open University to provide training and learning for members.

Leeds UNISON promotes and delivers a wide range of courses and workshops.

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Short workshops

1) Welcome to UNISON – Find out more about UNISON, meet other new members, what being a member means for you, how you can get the most out of your membership and how we can work together.

2) Facing change together – looks at how we can help and support each other during times of change, to help give you more confidence and practical ways of working together.

3) Your skills, your future – explore what skills you have, how to make the most of them and how to develop new skills.

Learning in unison4) Making the most of the internet - Build you confidence in using a computer and searching the internet, sending emails in session one. Session two tips on staying safe online, computer spring cleaning and using the internet to save money.

UNISON - longer courses

UNISON runs other longer courses for members that run at different times of the year –

  • Return to Learn
  • Women’s Lives
  • Coping with Change
  • Building Confidence in Women
  • Women’s Assertiveness

Details of these and other courses can be found on the regional website:-

Joint Life Long Learning Co-ordinators Carol McGrath and Neil Rhodes are constituently developing and updating the Leeds UNISON learning offer, if you have any particular learning need and wonder if UNISON can support you with this please contact Carol or Neil.

Email them at carol.mcgrath@leeds.gov.uk or neil.rhodes@leedsunison.org.uk

Getting online and learning online


Learn my wayIf you or know someone would like to learn more about using computers, getting online, staying safe online and learning on line – if you are just starting then Learn My Way is the best place to start. In your browser go to www.learnmyway.com you will need to register use the centre code 8000526.

If you need help to get going you can drop in to our UNISON Learning Zone any Monday between 10am to 2pm best to phone Neil Rhodes on 0789 1272334 so we know to expect you.

There are other ways to Learn online...


This a platform for learning various topics –

  • English GCSE
  • English Functional Skills
  • Maths Functional Skills
  • Everyday English Punctuation
  • An Introduction to COSHH Awareness in the Workplace
  • An Introduction to Online Security
  • An Introduction to Substance Misuse
  • An Introduction to Substance Misuse (Healthcare Professionals)
  • Raising Awareness: Manual Handling for Work
  • Raising Awareness: Menopause in the Workplace
  • Raising Awareness: Mental Health
  • Raising Awareness: Mental Health (for Healthcare Professionals)
  • Equality and Diversity in the Workplace
  • GDPR Awareness
  • Rights for Young Workers
  • Harmful Gambling

Register and choose up to 2 courses at  https://unionlearn.ulp.wranx.com/
Then go to https://app.wranx.com/login to log in and use
You can also download the Wranx app on your phone or tablet – uses ios or android


UNISON Learning and Organising Website : https://learning-unison.org.uk
UNISON e-Notes  :  https://e-learning.unison.org.uk
Organising Sapce : https://organisingspace.unison.org.uk
TUC Education : www.tuceducation.org.uk
Also lots of guides on the internet, phone and online advice at www.digitalunite.com


Leeds UNISON Union Learning Representatives

Leeds UNISON has a number of Union Learning Representatives.

Michael Binks (Environment and Housing)
Nicholas Brady (Taxi and Private Hire Licensing)
Bridget Campbell
(Adult Social Care)
Amy Clayton (Communities and Environment)
Carol Currant (Aspire)
Warren Dillon
(Children and Families)
Sharon Ibbetson  (Children and Families)
Carol McGrath
(Adult Social Care)
Ann McKelvey (Co-operative Academy Leeds)
Susan Mulligan (Public Health)
Neil Rhodes
(Children and Families)

If you are interested in becoming a Union Learning Representative contact 0113 245 8442 or email branch@leedsunison.org.ukand we will tell you about how to get involved. There is full training given and reasonable time off from work is given.