Coronavirus March/April 2020

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Branch Office Staff/Convenors/Officers are no longer office-based.  Members contacting the Branch by telephone will hear a message that invites them to either email queries or otherwise leave a voice message that will be picked up remotely and passed to a representative to respond. If you contact UNISON by either method, please ensure you leave your name, workplace and a contact number.

Coronavirus: Useful advice


A collection of useful links providing specific advice to various work areas.

UNISON’s national advice about Coronavirus COVID-19

What your rights at work are.

Leeds City Council: Coronavirus - information for staff web page.


  • Latest staff bulletin
  • A flowchart to help staff to decide when to stay at home
  • Whether you are classed as a Key Worker
  • Advice about working from home, and IT equipment guidance

Guidance for LCC staff conducting home visits

Home Visits Guidance v7 19 03 2020

Information for Local Government Workers

UNISON advice for local government and council staff in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Information for Schools Support Staff

UNISON’s advice for school based staffs


  • Government advice for school staff
  • What UNISON is doing
  • FAQs on operational issues, pay, holiday & weekend working, working from home, and Health & Safety

View / Download Leeds City Council advice for schools and school employees here.

Information for Social Care Workers

UNISON’s advice for care workers, including residential, homecare and community care for both adults and children.


  • Spotting issues
  • FAQs  

HM Government Coronavirus guidance

Includes lots of good general advice about employment, school closures, healthcare, travel, and keeping yourself safe.

Covid-19 bereavement leaflet

Sue Ryder and St. Gemma's Hospice Covid-19 support line.

The telephone support line is staffed by trained bereavement workers who are able to listen when you need someone to talk to; provide emotional support; signpost you to other helpful services if necessary.

Download the leaflet here...

Trauma and bereavement: Some useful resources for UNISON members in social care

Find out more here...

UNISON Advice:

UNISON There for you: Financial help

UNISON is responding to the national coronavirus crisis by offering practical help to members experiencing financial hardship.

Staff at the union’s dedicated charity, There for You, are seeking to reassure members that they are still offering a service to them. And UNISON branches should divert all welfare support requests to There for You, so that there is one, consistent process at this time.

General secretary Dave Prentis said: “The union would like to be as flexible as possible. However branches should not be setting aside or establishing their own welfare funds for this purpose, as this could lead to some confusion for our members on how to seek support.”

And branches must also remember not to use industrial action funds or property funds to finance hardship – this is not permitted. Mr Prentis added: “These are unprecedented times, so that’s why I’m asking all branches to consider making a donation to support our charity There for You.

“Members need our help right now – your donation could make a huge difference to so many lives.”

Helping members

The team at There for You is fully committed to providing a complete service throughout the current crisis. The charity remains open and fully operational. 

However, some adjustments on how things normally work may be necessary:

  1. Wherever possible, please scan all applications for financial assistance and supporting paperwork and send to  This will ensure there are no undue delays in processing an application.
  2. If you find yourself unable to support members due to work, family or other pressures, a reminder that members can apply directly with an application form without going through the branch.
  3. If you are dealing with an emergency situation – either linked to COVID-19 or other financial pressures – and your member has no money at all,  call 020 7121 5620. During these unprecedented times, members can apply to us directly for an emergency payment.
  4. If your enquiry concerns an existing case, please in the first instance email quoting the relevant case number.  Our aim is to get back to you within 2-3 working days at the very latest.

If you require advice and/or are unsure if someone would be eligible for support, call 020 7121 5620 or email

When phoning, callers will be asked to leave a message. In emergency situations, we aim to be in touch on the same or next day.

Please regularly check your mailbox (including junk folder) and the UNISON website for further updates in the event that new measures are introduced.

Forms are downloadable from There for You online.